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  • Please keep Roxy Bell lifted in prayer as she is suffering with pain in her left leg and will be seeing her doctor on the 27th.
  • Larry Butler had that cyst removed and is doing well. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Kenny Williams will be going home from the hospital on Thursday. Please continue to lift Kenny and Pennie up in prayer.
  • Raynae Wilkerson is being released from the hospital today. She has appreciated our prayers and it seems as though she will not be needed surgery - PTL!
  • Wanda Neil went in to have surgery on her eye and because of the swelling, that surgery was postponed till the 27th. Please continue to pray for Wanda.

  •     11/13/2017    
  • Continue to pray for Cindy Ball and her family as they process and mourn the loss of Lonnie. Cindy and the family will be making funeral arrangements and we'll pass those on to you as soon as we have more information.
  • Kenny Williams was admitted to Parkview Hospital with what the doctors are thinking may be a blood infection. Please keep Kenny lifted in prayer.
  • Wanda Niel will be having follow up surgery in Colorado Springs tomorrow morning, please continue to pray for Wanda as she has this procedure done and her healing.
  • Raynae Wilkerson had the feeding tube removed this morning and may be released to go home from Parkview Hospital tomorrow. Please continue to pray for Raynae as she heals.
  • Larry Butler is going to have a cyst removed from the back of his head on Wednesday at 2:30 at Parkview Hospital. Please keep Larry and Reta lifted in prayer.
  • Gloria Bond is having cataract surgery tomorrow morning. Your prayers for Gloria are appreciated.
  • Elz and Marsha Wilson are traveling to Arizona for the winter and are on the road today. Please keep them lifted in prayer for good health and safe travels. They will be visiting Pastor Bob and Pastor Gaylene's church over the winter.
  • Ella Sands continues to heal from her foot surgery and has a few more weeks where she cannot apply any pressure, your prayers area appreciated for Ella and Gene.
  • KayLeigh Shinn is finishing up her year in College at Greeley and is having some health issues. Please keep KayLeigh lifted in prayer.
  • Marlene Cox continues to recover from surgery and isn't doing as well as the doctors hoped. Please keep Marlene and David Cox lifted in prayer.
  • Thank you for all of your continued ministry of prayer!
    Love in Christ,
    Pastor Jim